A “Moose-tastic” First Friday Giveaway

Yes, there’s a moose on the loose here at The Mailbox. He seems to be happy, however I’m sure he’ll find a classroom setting much more enjoyable. I will warn you—he does like to be the center of attention!

To enter for a chance to win this adorable moose, a book that was written about him, a bunch more books (selected for the grade level you teach), and a fresh supply of pencils and sticky notes, simply leave your answer to the following question right here on the blog. Just be sure to do this before midnight on March 15, 2019.

Have you ever seen a live moose and if so, where?


I mentioned this was a “Moose-tastic” giveaway, didn’t I ? 

Eager to hear from you!


PS: I saw a live moose as a child in Alaska. I was fishing with my Uncle Denny. It was BIG!


Congrats to Michele, the winner of this month’s First Friday Giveaway!

278 thoughts on “A “Moose-tastic” First Friday Giveaway

  1. No I have not seen a live moose, but here where I live in Missouri, we have Lone Elk Park which you can visit and see Elk roam around. I sure would love to win this pack. What fun for my students!

  2. I have never seen a real moose, but I know my kindergartners would LOVE to have a moose on the loose in our classroom!

  3. I’ve never seen a live moose, but I have a large collection of moose stuffed animals, ornaments, and other decorative moose items! I can’t wait for the day I see a real one!

  4. I saw a live moose and it’s baby while hiking in Glacier National Park in Montana last summer. My husband bought me socks and a shirt both with moose on them to commemorate this event. I love moose!

  5. Yes!!! I have seen several!! Some in my front yard and some I the mountains! I have seen bulls, cows and calves.

  6. I saw a moose while on vacation in Algonquin Park in Canada. we were both looking out our prospective windows hoping to catch sight of a moose when looking forward we were suddenly confronted with a moose running across the road in front of our car. We had to slam on the brakes. It was a young moose but its legs were so long I had to look up at it from the passenger side of the car. I swear he looks back with a smirk on his moosie face. I’m obsessed with moose I even have a tattoo of a moose!

  7. In the zoo. I am hoping my granddaughter sees and takes pictures of one in the wild during her trip to Alaska I am so jealous. Lol

  8. No. But my mom’s cousin had a mounted moose head on her wall. Her husband had shot it when they lived in Alaska. His name was Bullwinkle!

  9. Yes I have. It was living in a tree grove a few miles from our place. They figured that it must have had something wrong because they never come down this far. They usually stay in the northern part of Minnesota.

  10. Yes! We were camping at Smith and Morehouse campground in Utah. It was starting right at me as I came out of the bathroom!

  11. Yes, I spotted a moose in the mountains of Montana. My fiance and I drove nonstop from Illinois to Montana for a winning last spring. On our way home, we left from Wyoming, where some family was, and got to see the mountains. It was my first time ever being west! I felt like a child seeing all the wildlife and the moose was so large in real life. I’ve always seen pictures, but nothing compares to seeing something in real life!

  12. Yes near Yellowstone. But if you ask my students they will all tell you my favorite animal is the moose so I would love to win this giveaway. ????

  13. No, but they are frequently seen up here in the Upper Peninsula! I keep my eyes peeled anytime I drive through the countryside.

  14. I’ve seen moose many times in Colorado near Rocky Mountain National Park, but my favorite was when we were waiting for the fireworks to start on 4th of July and a big ol’ bull moose came strolling through the parking lot.

  15. I was taking an environmental class in Alaska in April-June 2011 when I saw my first moose in the wild. I saw a mother and her calf in Denali National Park near the post office. Park rangers stopped traffic in all three directions to let the mother and her calf cross the road. During my stay in the Kenai Peninsula, there was an abandoned baby moose who walked right behind me and was bopping my shoulder. I was scared at first because I thought the mother would be near, but some of the locals said the mother abandoned it. For three days that calf stayed near our cabin.

  16. I saw a moose from a safe distance in Yellowstone Park once and now whenever I go to Yellowstone Bear World in Rigby, Idaho.

  17. I saw several moose during my last visit to Anchorage. The most interesting spot was in the parking lot of an Applebee’s! I’m heading back up there next month and can’t wait to see some more!

  18. No I have never seen a live moose. Heading out west this summer from Ohio crossing my fingers I have the opportunity.

  19. Not personally but I’ve seen pictures that my friends saw one in the Adirondacks in upstate NY! It was huge and their story is beautiful!

  20. There are no moose in Pennsylvania…or at least in southeastern PA. I’d like to see one from a safe distance, though!!!

  21. I’ve never seen a moose in person! My husband was confronted by one when he was in Alaska on business though. It was in a shopping center parking lot!

  22. I searched for a moose for an entire 2 weeks in Maine, while hearing a family member excited about daily sightings. I never saw even one! I sure would love to!

  23. I’m originally from NL Canada. There is a large Moose population. Always a thrill to see one. The babies are adorable 🙂

  24. My family and I saw a few when we visited Yellowstone National Park. Seeing them in person is amazing. I knew they were big but I don’t think I realized how big they were when compared to humans until I saw a full grown one.

  25. We have a moose in our classroom for our mascot, he is dressed in a football player outfit. We love the moose!

  26. Yes, at the zoo, though I don’t recall which zoo, as my husband and I have been to over 20 distinct zoos in total. ????

  27. Sadly, I have not. However, a friend of mine visits Colorado regularly and takes breathtaking photos. I love seeing her pictures of moose. They are truly majestic animals!

  28. Yes, I have seen quite a few since I moved to Vermont! My students would love this book and moose stufffed animal ????

  29. My dad took me to Alaska when I was in high school. We were shopping in downtown Anchorage when a moose crossed the street right in front of us. It was amazing! I’d like to think that it used the crosswalk, but it was January and the roads were covered with snow and ice.

  30. Yes! I was lucky enough to see a mother AND baby in a Rocky Mountain National Park! We were on a hiking trail, and they came out of the woods on one side of us, crossed the trail in front of us, and disappeared into the woods on the other side. Mom was so majestic, and the baby was so cute! We were glad that they paid us no attention, though!

  31. I have seen many a moose in Northwestern Ontario shere I live. Thunder Bay and surrounding area boasts wildlife within city limits as well as in all the beautiful outskirts areas. I have driven beside, behind and by many moose and until tou see one close uplike that it is impossible to truly picture their magnificence. They are beautiful creatures and amazing. I never take a sighting for granted!

  32. I have never seen a live moose. I think that would be an awesome experience. I have seen a live elk and they are pretty amazing!

  33. I have never seen a moose , One of my friends thou had one in there back yard and took a photo of it they are huge Maybe some day I will be lucky to be visiting and see one .

  34. Yes, I have seen moose – in my backyard up here in New Hampshire. They are huge, quiet creatures! When one of us spots one out back we have to yell, “MOOSE!” then we run to the window, as they can easily disappear into the woods as they munch away. It’s a magical moment and I always feel lucky to see them.

  35. I saw live moose throughout Southeast Alaska in the summer of 1994. I was a girl from New York who had an amazing opportunity to work on a small cruise ship in Alaska. I will never forget seeing a mother moose and her calf walking along the shoreline ! I am always on the lookout for moose as we travel through upstate NY and New Hampshire…. No luck yet

  36. No, I have never seen a live moose here in Florida. I bet he would be at the beach if he did live here. 🙂

  37. No, but it’s on myMinnesota bucket list. My pre-k students have a “Class Pet” named Morton the Moose. He needs a book to go with him.

  38. A frightened moose fleeing from a noisy ATV ran out of the woods and into the traffic-jammed road leading into Yellowstone National Park. The large animal zig-zagged between the barely-moving vehicles, giving all of us potential park visitors a preview of the majestic animals we’d see in the park. My classroom theme is the moose – I have a moose rug, moose lawn chair for the day’s Moose Helper to sit in, and other moose decorations to encourage my second graders to Make Our Organizational Skills Excellent.

  39. No, I have not , but if I had the chance it would be from a window. I have been told that they can be really aggressive and chase people.

  40. Yes! I was fortunate enough to see one in person just down the road from my house. These animals are breathtaking to see. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  41. Heading to Maine this summer and hope to see one there! But for now I have just seen a stuffed moose and that was in NH.

  42. I have not seen a live moose, however it is not from lack of trying. Everytime we vacation, we drive through a place called Cades Cove in hopes of seeing one in person.

  43. Yes! I have seen many moose at Yellowstone National Park, and also while vacationing in New Hampshire. 🙂

  44. I have not seen a live moose. But at Christmas, we have Christmas moose decorations because when I was a kid I would call the reindeer moose.

  45. I have seen deer and elk, but never a moose. I hope to see one in my lifetime. Such big and beautiful creatures!

  46. No, I have never seen a live moose, but I have seen a bear and numerous other animals, including deer.

  47. Yes, I did see a moose in Yellowstone National Park. We saw it in the parking lot of our lodge at the end of the day we spent hoping to see a moose.

  48. I have only see pictures taken by my grandfather at his cottage in Vermont near the Canadian border. (They are huge!!) On our trip to Vermont he took us for a ride to find moose but only saw squirrels!

  49. While driving along after my husband and son descended Mt.Washington (NH), a moose just took a stroll across the road.

  50. Yes! We live in Northern Montana close to the Canadian border. One fall, there was a moose walking down one of our streets. So amazing yet weird at the same time!

  51. My top bucket list item is to some day see a live moose. I have not yet but my studentsalways learn very quickly that it is my goal and my favorite animal.

  52. Unfortunately not, but it is a goal of mine. I was told to drive on a certain highway in NH and you are sure to spot one! Summer ride for sure

  53. No. But I thought I did. Someone had a big moose statue in their front yard, and I thought it was real! I was freaking out because I live in Ohio and we dont have them here!

  54. No, I have not seen a moose in person, but people in my local area have witnessed and recorded seeing a moose. I live in a rural area fairly close to Canada so not sure if this is why. I wish I could have seen it.

  55. Yes I have seen many moose in my life. My most memorable one was when I was working at my town library in Bennington, NH & the moose came strolling down Main Street and went down the side street next to the library. It certainly was memorable and everyone was amazed!

  56. Yes I have. We were hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park and saw a mom and her baby. We also saw one outside our condo while on vacation in Breckinridge, Colorado.

  57. Yes, moose are my favorite animal! This summer my husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary and went to North Conway New Hampshire. We went on a moose tour and saw a large bull moose! It was amazing!

  58. No, I have never seen a moose, but my cousins have many around them in Montana. I should have taken a trip.

  59. Yes, many times. I have a great video I took of one from when I was in college. I show it to my students each year when we study Maine animals. Most memorable time was on my way to work one morning, I saw a Moose and her baby on the edge of a field. It was in the town I live in. When I was a child, as my family crossed the border into Canada we almost hit one as it was standing in the road. We were in a VW bus and we were practically face to face with it. Too many more times to count.

  60. Yes! Lived in Alaska as a teen and there were many moose sightings! The best was the one eating the tree in our front yard on Christmas morning!

  61. Yes, I have seen many. I live near Glacier National Park and have seen them there and in Yellowstone Park. I was coming down from the longest hike and turned a corner and nearly ran into one on the trail. On a camping trip we had just turned out the lights and put out the fire and sat for a bit looking at stars and we heard something and knew it was big. Used a lighter to get some light and 3 moose were licking the campsite area.

  62. Yes – twice. First time was at a lake outside of Estes Park CO. He just stood in the lake & ate while everyone took pictures of him. The second time happened when II was snowmobiling down a mountain in South Dakota and he came out of the forest and ran along side of us for quite a while.

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