A “Dino-Mite” Giveaway!

Do you know what my favorite classroom theme is? Dinosaurs. Students find them fascinating–and I do too! That’s why I’m super geeked about today’s special GIVEAWAY for Teacher Appreciation Week. You could win this fantastic bundle of dinosaur books! (There’s even a Spanish/English bilingual DVD  of Groovy Joe!) How can you win? Simply reply to this blog with an answer to the following question:

What is your favorite theme or topic to teach in the classroom?

Be sure to do this before midnight on Sunday, May 14, 2017.
 I’ll announce the winner right here on the blog, and I’ll also notify the winner at the email address used to submit the comment.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


PS: Don’t forget, Diane and Karen have special contests running all week. Check out their blog posts for more chances to win! Click here.

Update: Our giveaway winner is Joanie, who submitted comment number 7! Congratulations!


141 thoughts on “A “Dino-Mite” Giveaway!

  1. I love teaching about America – the kids love learning about the different states and finding places on the map!!

  2. I love teaching about the seasons. There are many great science and art lessons that you can incorporate into the topic.

  3. I love to teach about historical figures using biographical books. It’s interesting to see the connections made by students when they learn more about people from the past.

  4. Way cool my favorite theme is dinosaurs!!! I find that every couple of years they are finding new information on dinosaurs keep the theme exciting year after year. I

  5. Favorite theme for storytime is Hawai’i Our Island Home. We read AUNTIE by Stephanie Indie, TOO MANY MANGOS by Tammy Paikai, ADVENTURES OF GARY AND HARRY: A TALE OF TWO TURTLES by Lisa Matsumoto, and KAI THE ‘OPIHI GETS THE POINT by Gail Omoto, among others, and I teach a simple sitting hula to “Hawaiian Lullaby” sung by Robert Cazimero with the lyrics “Where I live there are rainbows…” We make paper flower lei and turtle puppets.

  6. This is our third year of having a robin family build a nest under the deck at our preschool! It has been a great learning experience watching them hatch, feather out, leave the nest ~and begin again! Last year they had 3 clutches over the summer!

  7. I love to teach about animals. I am passionate about them and I think this group of kids enjoy learning about it too. we really love dinosaur too.

  8. My favorite is the five senses. Especially around the holidays. There are so many things you can do with holiday themes and the five senses.

  9. Hands Down my FAV topic to teach is potager gardening! It is an ornamental French kitchen cottage style of gardening that beautifully blends flowers and vegetables into a lovely overflowing cornucopia….

  10. Anything that the kids are interested in – but my favorite is probably butterflies. It was the unit I did as a student teacher and continue to just love the transformation process and how amazing it is (for both students and teachers) to see!

  11. Life cycles of anything! Plants and animals…..the kids get so excited to see anything growing and watching living things change and grow! Their reaction to something I really don’t notice the rest of the year is why I became a teacher!

  12. Dinosaurs was hands down the mostm popular theme. Since I teach Title One, I used the vocabulary to work on multisyllabic words. We even found dinosaurs lived in their back yards so to spesk in Arizona.

  13. I love teaching my kids about pets. They get to learn how to care for a pet, what would make a good pet and to wrap it up we have a pet adoption and a class pet (stuff animal) the kids get to take home and write about it in a journal.

  14. I love teaching my 3rd graders drama…from reading and understanding a script, to reading the dialogue with expression, to movement, to props, to painting a background, to performing. It’s an awesome experience!

  15. The ocean. I love all the animal life and the videos and the crafts. We also enend with a beach party and I bring in my giant inflatable pirate ship.

  16. Our reading book includes a Red, White and Blue unit for four weeks. I love It! I wear patriotic clothes everyday of the unit! We supplement with loads of books, worksheets and writing. I like it so much that the kids love it too!

  17. I enjoy teaching the unit on spring. I also love any topic that allows me I corporate sensory activities!

  18. We do a unit on the life cycle of chickens (incubating and brooding included) and the students loooove it…and so do I!

  19. I love teaching about Thanksgiving, because I use it as a time to explain how all people all over the world need to take a hint from the Pilgrims and Indians and come together with mutual respect, compassion, and peace.

  20. I love teaching animal themed lessons. My students love anything and everything to do with animals, especially unusual ones. We can cover science, social studies, math and ELA with any animal theme!

  21. I love teaching about the ocean. We spend a little over a month on an ocean animal research project and it is my favorite month of the year.

  22. I love teaching my kids about Spring and the beauty of the new season. There are so many fun books and projects to do with this time of year.

  23. My favorite theme is probably the bug and insect unit because it is so much fun having the live specimens in the classroom, caterpillars, ants in an ant farm, ladybugs, etc. My second favorite is dinosaurs.

  24. I love teaching my second grade class POETRY. It is a lot of fun and it allows the students to be silly, serious, or anything in between …. and they can use their imagination and creativity!

  25. I love Spring! with butterflies and hatching eggs!! Love to incorporate Dino eggs! We go on a egg hunt and make papermache dino eggs and the kids get to hatch there own dinosaurs!

  26. In Kindergarten, it was always “Dinosaurs and fossils” with students making a dino diorama.

    Other grades, author/book studies.

  27. My favorite theme is Integrity. It’s important that kids learn the value of keeping their word and being honest at all times even when they made a foolish decision. When trust is earned, positive results happen!

  28. I love reading The Giving Tree at the beginning of the year, and then I ask my students what they are willing to give this school year. We then create a bulletin board to leave up with all their goals and affirmations.

  29. I love teaching about animals and their life cycles. We are currently hatching eggs. We also have been frog eggs in an aquarium That we have been watching change into tadpoles.

  30. I love teaching life cycles, especially when we can grow something (a plant, butterflies, hatch chicks).

  31. My favorite study in theme is our egg study. We learn all about animals that hatch from eggs which lends itself to discussing animal life cycles and insects!

  32. I love to teach science overall but more specifically, the five senses! Activities can be so engaging and hands on that each child is involved and stays involved!

  33. Science: ocean, space, farming, forest and animals! 🙂 Dinosaur Pirates and Groovy Joe look so adorable!

  34. I enjoy using Dr. Seuss books and doing many activities to match the book of the day, especially during Read Across America week.

  35. Empathy – the students get so involved and are shocked by what their classmates may be going through!

  36. I really enjoy teaching about Spring. So many fun opportunities to talk about new beginnings…butterflies are a fun way to do this.

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