A Day Full of Dots

It’s National Polka Dot Day! I’m not really one to rock the dots, but I’m all about some dot-themed trivia and process art. Did you know that the term polka dots doesn’t translate directly to other languages? (In fact, it’s pretty murky how the word polka got involved anyway.) Take a look at what other countries call this sassy pattern:

  • In Spanish, polka dots are called lunares. This translates to “moles”.
  • In French, polka dots are called á pois. This translates to “peas.”
  • In German, polka dots are called thalertupfen. A thaler is a coin no longer used in Europe. (In fact, thaler is where the word dollar originated!)

Now that you’re full of polka dot knowledge, check out these fun polka dot arts and crafts.



Students fingerpaint over sticky dots to create this resist art!




Mount these color collages together to create a fabulous polka dot display!





Bubble Wrap Cushioning Material is terrific for polka dot process art! Check out this simple snow-themed idea!




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