A Day for Fossils

Next Wednesday, October 17, 2018, is National Fossil Day. Now I’m talkin’ about the remains or impressions of prehistoric organisms, not cantankerous old fossils. I’m sure today’s youth view me as an old fossil, however, hopefully not a cantankerous one!

In celebration of National Fossil Day, I’m hooking you up with some nifty resources. Fortunately, these resources can be used at any time of the year, so if next week is packed with fall-themed learning and fun, you can tuck these resources away for an upcoming dino or fossil study.  So dig in and have some fun with fossils! It would be great if you’d share your favorite fossil activities too.

Rock on!


THIS LINK takes you to a real-life story of a seven-year-old girl who found a fossil and reported it to rangers at Badlands National Park. Here you’ll find links for a lesson plan, a video, and a powerpoint presentation. Students will find this very relatable!

HERE you’ll find a junior paleontologist activity book. It includes lots of great ideas that can be adapted for classroom use. The booklet can also be downloaded for easy reference.

AT THIS SITE excavate a wealth of fossil-related puzzles, activities, and coloring pages.


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  1. My students all love dinosaurs and the idea of dinosaurs. I will be using these ideas in the classroom before vacations to keep them engaged.

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