A Birthday Mystery

What began as a legitimate blog topic has ended up being a cautionary tale on how you can’t trust the Internet, my teacher friends. While searching for a topic for today’s blog, I discovered that children’s book author Gail Gibbons has a birthday on September 1…or so I was led to believe. I put the topic on my calendar, thinking that I could give you an accompanying activity on one of her fall-related books. 

While gearing up to write this blog, I rechecked the date and discovered that Ms. Gibbons’ birthday is a bit of a mystery. She apparently was born on September 1, November 24, and even January 1, according to various sources. Thus far, November 24 seems to be the most popular date, but that certainly doesn’t help me with this blog! At least all this misinformation doesn’t stop me from giving you a terrific activity to go with her book, The Pumpkin Book. There are two morals to this brief story, and they are as follows:

  1. Don’t trust everything you read on the Internet.
  2. It’s always a good time for a book about pumpkins.


Click here for this engaging activity to go with The Pumpkin Book!

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