100 Uses for Sticky Notes

Blog-Post-itI’ll start with a disclaimer. This blog does not include 100 uses for sticky notes. It does include 14 uses, and I feel certain the list can grow substantially with your help! I know you use ‘em! Tell us how!

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Okay, two things to do.

Tell us how you use sticky notes. And ENTER to win some sticky notes!

How cool is that?


 Uses for Sticky Notes

• Bookmark

 To tag a glossary or an index for quick access

 Class polls and graphs

 Reading response (label with questions, connections, inferences)

 Student-created calendar pieces

• Reuseable seating chart

• Mini to-do list

 End-of-the-year memory display

 Back-to-school getting-acquainted display

 Anchor chart labels

 Timeline labels

 Classroom management charts

 Personal notes

 Playing pieces for a game of  tic-tac-toe

9 thoughts on “100 Uses for Sticky Notes

  1. Just for fun – As a prop in a teacher prank on another teacher! On the last day of school, one of our teachers had her car covered beautifully in post-it notes by another teacher. Wish I could post the pic!

  2. When doing research on the computer, I will use a sticky note on the monitor to underline a text passage, especially if I am multi-tasking, so I can go back to where I left off, especially when I get called away or take a phone call.

  3. Sticky notes separate one set of class papers from another. I use green for math, yellow for writing, pink for language, etc.

  4. I cannot function without my sticky notes! My favorite activity is to use them on a big white board as a lesson warm up. The students write something they know about a given topic and then we discuss.

  5. I like to use post-its as an exit card. On the front, the students will write two things learned from the lesson and on the back one question they still have. Students place this on the door as they leave the classroom.

  6. I recently learned how to print on Post-Its with my printer and I use them in my plan book and cutesy notes home. My most favorite use for them: place a 3 x 3 Post-It on each student’s desk and as they get assignments, they write the subject of the assignments on the note. They cross the subject off when they finish and turn the assignment in. At the end of the day they know just what to take home by checking the Post-It and see what has not been crossed off.

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